Brand story


Dongdi, China's new business men's wear brand, seeks inspiration from elegant fashion culture.
Adhering to the concept of creating value by design and focusing on high-quality fabrics, crafts and tailoring,
Integrating and transforming modern fashion culture and creative art,
Create a simple and elegant gentleman spirit, advocate the dress concept of modern Chinese elite men, and convey a positive and colorful quality of life style.

Brand Essence and Creativity


The product competitiveness of "Dongdi Quality First" is the core of forging brand, and also the key factor of cohesing brand strength and ensuring customer experience. Since its inception, the East Emperor has always hoped to bring a high-quality and elegant image to the new elite men through superior fabrics, simple styles and exquisite tailoring. For this reason, Dongdi has been strictly controlling the selection of fabrics, and adheres to the mode of purchasing globalization, and has reached strategic cooperation with well-known fabrics manufacturers around the world. Strictly selected fabrics with sophisticated tailoring give life and value to each garment, making it a carrier connecting people and lifestyle closely.





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